Scott Sacknoff

Entrepreneur, analyst, investor, engineer

About Scott

After beginning his career building and testing the experimental fuel pumps that eventually powered the Space Shuttle, the past thirty-plus years have seen Scott Sacknoff engage in a number of high-visibility assignments that allowed him to cultivate a broad array of business contacts in the space, defense, and financial sectors.

Current Activities

  • President, SPADE Indexes.  The firm’s SPADE Defense Index is an investment benchmark for public companies involved with aerospace, defense, homeland security, and government space. Currently $3 Billion in ETF assets follow this index.
  • Publisher, Quest: The History of Spaceflight Quarterly. An award-winning, peer-reviewed journal.
  • Chair, SPACE 3.0 Foundation. Activities include hosting of the Space Business & Commerce Archives, one of the largest collections on the subject matter.
Early Career
  • President of the International Space Business Council, a chamber of commerce for the sector.
  • Vice President of a space venture capital firm where he performed due diligence on proposed deals.
  • Consultant to NASA Headquarters and the Pentagon supporting their understanding of technology entrepreneurs and reviewing proposals to the agencies for commercial potential.
  • Advised private companies and government contractors, including ITT and Raytheon.
  • Founded a space industry business information company that published titles including the State of the Space Industry, an annual outlook on the industry; the North American Space Directory; and The Guide to Space Careers.

SPADE Defense Index (NYSE: DXS) Scott Sacknoff is the president of SPADE Indexes and manager of the SPADE® Defense Index (NYSE: DXS), an investment benchmark comprised of public companies involved with defense, homeland security, and government space. The Index serves as the core to the $3 Billion Invesco Aerospace & Defense ETF (NYSE: PPA), the first defense-related exchanged traded fund listed in the United States. SPADE publishes the free “The SPADE Investor” newsletter which can be downloaded on its website. Visit the Index Website
Quest: The History of Spaceflight Quarterly Published quarterly since 1992, Quest is the only peer-reviewed journal exclusively focused on space history. Each 64+ page issue features articles by professional and amateur historians, oral histories and interviews, and book reviews. An early subscriber, Scott Sacknoff began volunteering with the Volume 7 issues and today serves as publisher and the commercial space department editor. The publication’s website, provides information on how to subscribe, order back issues, and search previous articles. It also contains a number of space history resources and links to “free and fun” items. Explore Quest

The SPACE 3.0 Foundation Founded in 2019, SPACE 3.0 is a 501(c)(3) charitable institution that was launched to build an endowment and provide grants to help preserve the history of spaceflight and empower entrepreneurs and visionaries. The Foundation’s early efforts include:
  • Publishing the award-winning history journal, Quest: The History of Spaceflight Quarterly
  • Operating and expanding the Space Business & Commerce Archives
  • Creating the Space History Challenge
  • Awarding an annual Sacknoff Prize for Space History
  • Providing grants to digitize and archive historical space materials and perform oral histories. Among these have been to the:
    • New Mexico Museum of Space History (to digitize rare 16mm NASA films from the 1960s),
    • The Niagara Aerospace Museum (to digitize commercial materials provided by local space industry firms such as Kodak, Moog, etc.),
    • The digitization of one of the only full sets of Space World magazine (1960-1988) in existence
    • Transcription support for small satellite oral histories.
    • Digitizing an early 1960s presentation on space stations
Visit SPACE 3.0
Sacknoff Prize for Space History Awarded since 2011, the Prize is designed to encourage original research by university students in the field of space history. Winners receive a cash prize, publication in the peer-reviewed history journal Quest, and the opportunity to present at the Society for the History of Technology annual meeting.  Past winners have included those considered to be among the best of the next generation space historians. Learn About the Prize space station, moon landing, apollo 15

Consulting and Advisory Board Interests Over the years, Scott Sacknoff has engaged in a variety of consulting projects, working for entrepreneurs as well as large, multinational corporations. His interests include strategy review and formation, concept and idea brainstorming, vision definition, entrepreneurship analysis, policy development, and analysis, and scenario modeling. In the area of finance and investing, he maintains an interest in index design, ETF product review, and business strategy in the ETF space.